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Arriving by Bus

All buses arrive in to the main Bus Station (Terminal Metropolitana de Buses). The San Pedro Sula Bus Terminal is located just a 5-10 minute taxi ride from the hostel. Once you get off the bus at the terminal, make your way to the taxi stand and give the driver our address.

The taxi costs between 100 Honduran Lempira and 150 Honduran Lempira per person (between USD$4 and USD$6 per person). You may be able to negotiate with the driver but this is a guide. Please note that the taxi’s set their own prices and will often charge more if it is late at night or very early in the morning.

Arriving by Plane

San Pedro Sula Airport is located about a 30-40 minute drive away from La Hamaca Hostel. In peak traffic times this can take up to an hour so plan accordingly.

Once you clear customs and passport control you will come out in to the arrivals terminal and the taxi stand is directly in front. Feel free to contact us if you would like to pre-arrange a pick up from the Airport.

The taxi typically costs between 300 Honduran Lempira and 450 Honduran Lempira per person (between USD$15 and USD$20).

Arriving by Car

Depending on which direction you are coming from it is likely you have passed through a few toll booths. San Pedro Sula has a major ring road surrounding the center (Circunvalación).

The Hostel is located on 10th Street, 12 blocks up (counting from the left side of the street and starting at the ring road) the hill. You will see a bakery / convenience store called ‘Panaderia Extra‘ on the right hand side and we are just 2 and a half blocks further up the hill, on the left hand side. Look out for the La Hamaca Sign

Our Address:

En Español:

If you are giving the address to a Taxi driver then you should read it out in this order. In Honduras they start with the suburb then the street of the house, followed by the cross section / intersection and then the house number at the end.

Address: Colonia Figueroa, 10 Calle, 26 y 27 Avenida, Casa #195, San Pedro Sula

Most taxi’s know the hostel by name but if not just tell them in Spanish: “12 cuadras arriba del hotel hilton en circunvalación. Pasando la Panaderia Extra a mano izquierda, casa  numero 195”

In English:

House Number: 195
Street name: 10th Street
Intersection: 26th & 27th Avenue
Suburb: Colonia Figueroa
City: San Pedro Sula


Colonia Figueroa, 10 Calle, 26 y 27 Avenida.

Check-in: 2pm
Check-out: 12pm


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