Kollektiv One : JADE

Para esta edicion de Kollektiv One decidimos irnos a la playa bajo el sol y la luna donde les tenemos un deleite musical y un line up de primera .

Tendremos el gusto de disfrutar los sonidos de Mobile/ No19 records y una esencia pura de fiesta inteligente con Jade – CA cotizada globalmente por su genialidad y magna presencia.


Mas de 12 horas de fiesta seguido por un after hour fresco .

Abrimos puertas a las 12 am para que disfruten del area hermosa de la playa , restaurante y la evolucion del evento.

honduran dishes

TOP 10: Foods to try in Honduras

Top 10: Foods to try in Honduras

The Honduran Gastronomy is quite varied since it has pre-Hispanic, Spanish, Creole and African influence as is typical of the Central American Atlantic coast. Our cuisine is heavily based on beans, corn, and plantains. This was a difficult one, but here is our list of "comida catracha" you Can't leave without trying:


A Honduran staple!  Our baleadas are what a Taco is to a Mexican. A basic baleada is a soft flour handmade tortilla filled up with refried beans, cheese and mantequilla/ crema (Honduran sour cream). You can go all out and add almost anything like avocado, scrambled eggs, pickled vegetables, chorizo or meat. Get creative!

Tajaditas con Carne

Tajadas are life! Tajadas can be plantain or green bananas, it is basically either of, finely sliced and fried to crunchy perfection! Then it is topped with juicy beef mince, encurtido (pickled spiced peppers and onions) and cheese! Think of it as our version of nachos!

Sopa de Frijoles

There is always a pot with beans at any Honduran household. When we boil the beans we use the stock to make this delicious, hearty soup. It’s common to add smoked porch chops or chicharrón (Pork rind)  as the protein. Some people add a boiled egg and top with cheese and avocado as shown on the picture.

Pescado Frito

With a bast coast, both Atlantic and Pacific, plus our rivers and lakes. There is no lack of fresh seafood available. There are several fish fry eateries depending on where you get your fish from. The principle is the same: Fried! On the picture we are featuring a fresh water fish from “Lake Yojoa” served with Tajadas (green banana fries) Encurtido (Pickled Spicy onions) and of course Coconut rice and beans, to die for.

Delicious honduran food : Yuca con Chicharrón

Yuca con Chicharrón

Chicharrón are pork rinds. The perfect combination between crispy and meaty parts. In this plate, Chicharrón are place on a bed of Yuca Fries, usually toped with encurtido (Spicy pickled onions) and salsa. You’ll lick your fingers! photo

Attention Foodies, Ask about our cooking class tour

Sopa de Caracol

Hungover? No problem. This creamy coconut based soup will sort you out. Sopa de Caracol hey! (like the song) is a specialty of the Caribbean coast. The base is coconut milk, vegetables and seafood stock. It has Yuca, green bananas and your choice of seafood, in this case, garlic marinated Conch, YUMMM!

Honduran food Anafre


Anafres are usually enjoyed as a starter. You can say it’s our version of dip fondue with: Fried beans, chorizo and cheese which is melting constantly as it is served in an “anafre” traditional clay pot as shown on pic. It is served with crispy tortilla chips, Dip in!!!

"Pollo Chuco"

Chuco, pronounced “shoe co” is a slang word for sucio which means, dirty. This doubled breaded spiced Chicken is deep fried in a huge vat of oil making it both delicious, yet dirty. Served with green bananas or green plantain chips, salsa and mayo based dressing.

desayuno típico hondureño

Desayuno Típico

We just don’t do basic breakfast. The desayuno típico or traditional breakfast has refried beans, mantequilla, cheese, avocado, fresh made corn tortillas and ripe plantain fries which are sweet, make sure to dip ’em on the mantequilla (sour cream)


A seafood delicacy popular in the coastal regions of the country. The dish is generally made from fresh raw fish, shrimp or conch, marinated and cooked in lime juice. It is seasoned with salt and fresh pepper, onion, cilantro, some people add pepper and diced tomato. Usually served with side dishes that complement its flavours such as avocado, lettuce, plantain or corn chips. Shown in the picture, ceviche from la Hamaca hotel kitchen, featured on the best hostel food around the world

ceviche at la hamaca hostel restaurant
Hungry yet?

TOP 10: Beaches in Honduras

There are hundreds of beaches to choose from in Honduras, with823 km of coastline divided between the Caribbean Sea (669 km) and the Pacific (163 km) its coastline and islands, where the sand can be either pearly white with turquoise waters or the stunning contrast, of black sand and red sunsets.

In Honduras, each beach offers a slightly different experience. Some are good for snorkeling, diving, some are secluded and almost private, and some are filled with tons of things to do. Check out our favorites from the TOP 10 list below:

1. Playa Uva, Cayos Cochinos.

Featured in this article cover image, Playa Uva’s beauty will take your breath away. Playa Uva is located at Cayo Grande, the biggest cay at Cayos Cochinos: situated 30 kilometers (19 mi) northeast of La Ceiba on the northern shores of the country. Protected by the government and by the Honduran Coral Reef Foundation, these Island are off-limits to commercial divers and fishermen which makes this untouched nature so much more stunning. You can book a tour,  with the Honduran Coral Reef Foundation or with Garifuna Tours. Ask at our front desk for more info, book through us and get a 10% discount.

2. Chachahuate, Cayos Cochinos.

Photo by Tesla for La Hamaca Hostel

Also located at Cayos Cochinos archipelago, It the only habited cay from the 13. Garifuna locals will receive you with a smile and sound of their drum beats, don’t miss trying a typical Garifuna style dish here: fresh fish caught at the moment, fried plantains and rice & beans prepared with coconut milk. If you want to stay for more and live the real cultural experience,  there are a 3 basic rooms/huts available to rent. There is no electricity or running water, however, there is food and cold drinks available for purchase.

Photo by Tesla for La Hamaca Hostel

 3. Water Cay, Utila.

Photo by Tesla for La Hamaca Hostel

Water Cay is the biggest Cay of a collection of tiny islets located at the south of Utila island Town. Water Cay was popularized for being the home of the annual electronic music festival, Sunjam.  After a short  30 mins scenic boat ride you’ll arrive, the cay is inhabited, we recommend you to take beverages, food and snorkeling gear. Bathrooms on-site.

4.Little french key, Roatán

photo: littlefrenchkey.com

Located in t Roatan, Little French Key is a private island providing fun and adventurous aquatic activities to enjoy in a carefree setting. You can relax by the water, or choose more activities such as ziplining, kayaking or even swimming with Jaguars. There’s no shortage of fun on this island.

Photo By @islandbunny for La Hamaca Hostel

5. West Bay Beach, Roatán

Relax in a hammock under palm trees, while sipping a cocktail from a coconut. West Bay Beach is an extended stretch of beach and the busiest beach on Island.  Full of restaurants, hotels and beach bars offering 5 stars services. Only a short swim away you will discover amazing coral formations and simply outstanding snorkeling.

6. west end beach, Guanaja

West end beach at Guanaja: one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. The Island has been described as the Venice of Honduras because of the waterways that run through it.[wikipedia 

It is amazingly gorgeous and relatively unvisited, tourism is confined to a handful of small resorts that cater to divers, snorkelers, and adventure travelers. The island’s warm, clear waters support an extensive coral reef. Guanaja is the only Island of Bay Islands with fresh water waterfalls: the shrimp and the Big Gully.

7. Coyolito, Amapala

Photo: Gustavo León


8. Playa Negra, Isla del Tigre

Isla del Tigre is a volcanic Island on the Pacific coast of the country, Gulf of Fonseca. There are a few beaches on the island, and our best pick is ” Playa Negra” which has black sand beaches from volcanic rock. Isla del Tigre is only accessible by boat from Coyolito on the mainland.


9. Playa Escondida, Punta Sal, Tela

Photo: (@quentincaussin)

Did you ever watch that move the beach?  this is JUST like that sans all the drama!

Located on the western end of the Bay of Tela, Punta Sal National park has it all! Perfect beaches, pristine coral reefs, and lush green jungle.


10. Bahía de Trujillo, Colón

Photos: for La Hamaca Hostel by Viajes de un Catracho

Natural beauty meets historic architecture in Trujillo. Some of Honduras’ most pristine beaches with coastal coral reefs and views of the open sea are found in Trujillo.