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Roatán Electronic Experience Festival R.E.E.F

As known, Roatán is the most highlighted destination in Honduras, worldwide. Located in the Caribbean, Roatan is one of the three islands that make up the Bay Islands and is the second largest of these. The perfect setting for one … Read More

Feria Juniana Carnival in San Pedro

San Pedro Sula is the second most important city in Honduras, founded as such on June 27, 1536, but its anniversary is celebrated the 28th because it is the day of its patron saint SAN PEDRO and the etymological origin of its name. – Known as The Industrial Capital, which is located 45 minutes from one of the largest ports and customs in Central America and at the midpoint of the Sula valley, makes this city of working people an interesting point for tourism.

The “Feria Juniana” San Pedro fair and carnival, is celebrated the last two weeks of June, the city becomes a place to party with different types of attractions:

Campo Agas

Horse Parade, Photo La Prensa.

Located on the South Boulevard, about 15 minutes from the Hostel, this cattle, and horses exhibition center, has a racecourse and its opening begins with the horse parade from the south boulevard to this location. A pleasant place with a lot of private security with meals and drinks available, and a different environment within the city for those who carry a cowboy inside.

Expo Centro

North of the city, approximately 25 minutes by vehicle from the Hostel, Expo Center is perfect for two things:  shopping (during the day) and Fiesta (at night), several Honduran bands gather here to provide fun for their viewers, food and drinks festival, as well clubs and party centers that you can not miss.  private security on-site.

Plaza Juniana

Can you imagine an open field with more than 50 stalls selling food and drinks outdoors and a stage to enjoy live music? In La Feria Juniana this is possible, La Plaza Juniana is located in a safe area of the city about 15 minutes by car from the Hostel consists of the place where the Locals and their guests gather to listen to live bands, drink a lot of beer (in this place the beer comes out cheaper than in any other event/place) which makes those who love this drink, come back day by day.

Plaza Típica

Located in the center of town about 270 meters from the Cathedral and 10 meters from the Museum of Anthropology and History, it is one of the best opportunities for travelers who want to experience the taste of Honduras gastronomy, in the month of the city it is the only opportunity where his schedule extends until night, with live music and drinks.

The Juniana Fair closes with the famous parade of floats that covers the city’s main avenue, you can witness this colorful and entertaining show just a 15-minute walk from the Hostel.

TOP 10: Things to do in Copán

Top 10 things to do Copan Ruins

Copan is a charming travel destination, with a variety of hotels, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops with services catering to everything from the budget traveler looking for a hostel, to upscale travelers. A colorful town full of culture it was hard to pick this top 10

Visit "Copan Ruinas" Archeological Park

A Unesco World Heritage Site, Copan Ruins is one of the most important of all Maya civilizations ever lived. Copan offers the most elaborate high relief sculptures in the Mayan World, with two world class archaeological museums. Copan offers a complete picture of how the Mayans lived.

Copan Coffee Tour

Finca Santa Isabel Coffee Farm is just a short trip from Copan town offering you a lifetime adventure.  The tour is informative and entertaining. You get to see some people collecting at the  coffee plantation and of course taste some coffee! Transportation and bilingual guide are included, Lunch is available. For more info visit Welchez Coffee Tour

Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve

Only six minutes by vehicle from Copan Ruins’ central park, you’ll find Macaw mountain, an eco-tourism project on ten heavily forested acres in a stream fed valley. Experience and learn in an unspoiled part of the world about birds and interact with the intelligent, colorful species of Central America. To book a tour visit:

Picture by Kassandra

Happy hour and munch at Twisted Tanya's

Perfect spot  to chill out and relax with friends overlooking the main square in Copan. Eat home cooked food at its very best with amazing cocktails.  BEST Happy Hour in town from 5/6 pm.


Indulge at The Tea & Chocolate Place

On a cozy traditional mountain house you’ll find the warmth welcoming herbal smell. The tea and chocolate place is offers a cultural, healthy and educational experience, unique in Copán Ruins. Honduran Chocolate, teas, & 100% natural products, all made at home, and only from plants that they grow organically and used to reforest and did we mention the view? 

Relax to the max at Luna Jaguar Hot Springs

is an eco spa with architecture of Mayan evocation based on satisfying your senses through a unique experience dedicated to the physical, corporal and mental wellbeing in the middle of a jungle environment (protected reserve) with springs of cold water and water hot. For info visit:

How to get the to Copan Ruins to and from the hostel.

Start a night out at Via Via

Getting the party started Via Via is where is at! The bar offers you all sorts of drinks specialties very reasonable priced. It’s a great place for pre drinks and to meet other travellers. They have live music, board games and food. 

Pairing at Café San Rafael

Visit San Rafael and enjoy delicatessen. Whether you indulge your tastebuds with our home made artisanal cheeses, a glass of fine wine or take pleasure in a cup of 100% Estate coffee, we guarantee you will love it.

Sunset at Hacienda San Lucas

This 100 year old house is nestled on the hills of the tranquil Copan Valley. Visiting this house is like taking a trip back in time! Tranquility and peace rule in the hacienda and its surroundings. There are some benches situated just in the right spot to catch the sun going down while sipping a glass of wine or coffee. 

Hacienda San Lucas

Sol de Copán German Brewery

You got us at Crafted beer! this cozy spot with  very friendly atmosphere. The owner (German) is very welcoming and will talk to you about every brew on tap! Food is also available, a must visit !

Sol de Copán