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How to get to Utila - La Hamaca Hostel

How to get to Utila

How to get to Utila from La Hamaca, San Pedro Sula

Option 1 - Ferry Via La Ceiba, every day.

Fastest route
Less expensive option
Least number of changes
Deluxe Catamaran Yacht
4 hours
$25 or 600 HNL
9:00 am
4:40 pm
Get to the bus station
From the hostel take a taxi to the bus station.

Taxi will cost $5 or 120 Honduran Lempira

Depart no later than 4:30 am. for the 9:00 am ferry or 12:30 pm for the 4:40 pm ferry.

Purchase your ticket at San Pedro Sula Bus Station
Go to the either: Mirna or Diana express, or Hedman Alas counter and purchase your ticket to La Ceiba

To say this in spanish “Hola, Queiro one ticketo por favor” or phonetically “Hola, kee-ERO one ticket-o por favor”.

The ticket should cost $7 or 170 Honduran Lempira

Take the Bus to La Ceiba
When you get to La Ceiba bus station Take a taxi to the municipal dock, where the ferry leaves.

A private taxi will be around 150 Honduran lempira or you can share the ride for 50 lempira each

Municipal Dock- Utila Dream Ferry Office
Once you get to the municipal dock head to the Utila Dream station at the right

Purchase your ticket to Utila

The ride is approx 45 mins.

Option 2 - By Air, Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat.

Fastest route
Most expensive option
Least number of changes
Safest route
45 Minutes
$140 or 3,360 HNL
3:00 pm
Arrival 3:40 pm
Get to San Pedro Sula's Airport
From the hostel take a taxi to the Airport

Taxi will cost $5 or 360 Honduran Lempira

Depart no later than 1:15 pm, the ride is about 25 mins.

Purchase your ticket online or at the Airport
Take the Flight to Utila
The flight lasts arund 45 mins

The plane might make a stop at La Ceiba Aiport to pick up passengers.